Dolce Vita Coruña Shopping Mall Shutdown

22/01/2014 – Expansion

The Dolce Vita Coruña shopping center, belonging to Grupo Chamartín, will end its commercial activity on January 31st. With more than 62.000 square meter gross lettable space, it was opened in October 2008, occupied in 92% and having consumed an investment of €162 millon.

The commercial area had to face recession and growth in competition within the city, especially after the Espacio Coruña shopping center (today in hands of Eneas Real Estate) and the nearby Marineda City macro complex (property of Invest Cos) openings.

In mid 2012, when the Inditex establishments and an Eroski hipermarket disappeared from it, Dolce Vita received a knock-off.

The shutdown will affect other 9 establishments operating in Dolce Vita, including a Media Markt shop (…).

Original article: ExpansiónPro (Lorena Palleiro)

Translation: AURA REE