Deutsche Bank Offers Market’s Best Mortgage

15/12/2014 – ExpansionPro

Deutsche Bank has improved the conditions of its mortgages for first-time buyers and subrogations.

Intended for the first group of borrowers, Hipote-Casa, sets the interest rate at 2.25% during the first year and a 1.59% differential plus the Euribor for the rest of the credit’s lifetime.

Also, the entity reduced the interest rate for loan subrogation in its Hipote-Cambio mortgage, switching to a fixed rate of 2.25% for the first year and of the Euribor+1.55% for the rest of the term.

Other banks trade their mortgages at interests varying from 1.70% and 2% over the Euribor.

In order to be eligible for the attractive conditions, the borrower must accept all loyalty products: home and life insurances, salary and at least 3 bills deposit, credit and debit cards requiring spending minimum 3.000 euros annually. Moreover, the customer shall take out a payment protection insurance or a 2.75% rate for the first year.

Deutsche Bank offers an up to 80% financing for the first-time buyers and a term of up to 30 years.


Original story: ExpansiónPro (Jueves 11 diciembre, pp 19)

Translation: AURA REE