Deloitte: Hotel Inv’t Amounted To €2,000M In 2016

28 April 2017 – El Economista

Hotel investment in Spain amounted to €2,000 million in 2016, for the second year in a row, according to a study conducted by Deloitte.

According to the report, this good trend is expected to continue in 2017, supported by positive economic outlooks in the main originating countries: the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

By type of investment, real estate investment vehicles (Socimis, REITs and specialist funds) acquired the most hotel-related assets in 2016, accounting for almost 48% of the total investment volume.

By geography, Madrid was the region that recorded the highest volume of investment, accounting for 43% of the total, followed by the Canary Islands and Cataluña. In addition, 28% of the CEOs consulted by Deloitte expect the level of growth recorded in 2016 to be maintained this year. The outlook is even more encouraging according to 67% of those surveyed, who indicate that they expect 2017 to be even more positive than 2016.

On the other hand, the results of the survey reveal a general view that the leisure and business segments will grow by at least as much as they did in 2016. In this sense, more than 60% of the directors expect to exceed the growth rate in 2016 and think that 2017 will see sustained expansion in terms of executive tourism and the consolidation of leisure tourism.

Original story: El Economista 

Translation: Carmel Drake