The cost of housing rentals experiences its biggest fall in history.

Rental prices dropped by 0,2% in July this year, which means its biggest fall in the history of the National Institute of Statistics (NIS), which started in 2002. Rentals accumulate a descent of four consecutive months and present a set-back of 0,3% this year. The price index for rentals also stays one and a half points below the consumer prices index, which reach 1,8% last month.

By regions, the main descents took place in Navarra (-2,1%), Madrid (-1,5%), La Rioja (-1,1%), Aragón (-0,7%), Extremadura (-0,6%), the Canary Islands (-0,5%), Castilla-La Mancha (-0,5%), Valencian Community (-0,4%) and Andalusia (-0,3%). On the other hand, there were increases in Melilla (+1,3%), Galicia (+1,1%), Ceuta (+ 0,9%), País Vasco (+0,8%), Catalonia (+ 0,7%), Castilla y León (+0,7%), Cantabria (+ 0,6%) and Asturias (+ 0,3%). The Balearic Islands have not seen any changes. Finally, regarding the maintenance costs of the property, prices increased by 2%, two tenths more than the general index, and were stable in reference to the previous month.