Construction Companies Change Bosses to Get Back on the Right Track

2/02/2014 – ExpansionPro

The construction sector has been one of the most acutely affected by the recession. Since 2007, around 1.5 million work places have been liquidated. (…).

Seven great construction groups changed their main executives last year. That marks new focus on internalization and the mining or industrial construction undertaking.

Acciona was the last to take that step. (…).  Luis Castilla, president of Acciona Agua will chair the company together with José Manuel Entrecanales, due to joining Agua with Servicios. (…). By September 2013, the pre-tax profit margin for the division declined 77%, down to 13 million Euros and now it represents about 0,6%.

Also, the recession provoked restructuring in FCC, mainly due to inability to put its Austrian branch Alpine back on the right track. (…) In this case, executive director José Mayor has been substituted by Fernando Moreno.

FCC will probably register swollen losses in 2013 (675 million Euros by September). The company is one of the unlucky ones forced to make cuts in staff (it dismissed 2.000 people).

In summer, Javier Gayo retired from Sacyr Construcción and his place has been taken by Miguel Heras. (…).

In ACS, Ignacio Segura substituted Marcelino Fernández Verdes. (…).

The most quoted hiring of the year has been the entrance of Josep Piqué to OHL as its CEO. (…).

When it comes to Isolux, Francisco García (…) has been replaced by Antonio González.

Original article: ExpansiónPro (C. Morán)

Translation: AURA REE