Commerzbank Picks the Bidding Finalists

17/03/2014 – ExpansionPro

The largest credit sale found currently across Europe, the Octopus Operation embracing Eurohypo and put up for auction by Commerzbank, is bound to know the final bidders.

The German entity has received plenty of non-binding offers for more than €3.000 issued by the greatest private equity firms, such as Apollo, Lone Star, Blackstone or Cerberus.

Commerzbank must decide whether to sell the €4.500 million portfolio as a whole or partially. And who will bid at the final auction. (…) All the bank-fund alliances (i.e. Apollo & Santander, Lone Star & JP Morgan and Blackstone & Deutsche Bank) are among the favourites, let alone Cerberus. (…).

By April 5th, the finalists will have proposed a new acquisition offer. (…) Commerzbank wishes to conclude the sale before the end of June. (…).



Original article: ExpansiónPro (J. Z., Lunes 17 de Marzo 2014, pp 16)

Translation: AURA REE