Colonial Repeats Its Sales And Records A Profit Of €492m In 2014

2 March 2015 – Expansión

An extraordinary year for Colonial.

The real estate group closed 2014 with a profit of €492 million, following the loss of €547 million it recorded in 2013. The key driver behind the turnaround in its results was the deconsolidation of Asentia, the subsidiary into which the company grouped its toxic assets. Colonial’s assets were also revalued, by 9.6% in comparable terms, to €5,757 million, which also had an effect on the income statement.

The group’s turnover amounted to €211.48 million, down 0.8%, although in comparable terms, revenues increased by 3.2%.

Colonial’s share price decreased by 2.53% in trading on Friday, to close at €0.655.

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Translation: Carmel Drake