Cifuentes Files Appeal Against Suspension Of Operación Chamartín

3 August 2016 – Expansión

The Community of Madrid has submitted an administrative appeal against the decision taken by the Town Hall of Madrid on 25 May to cancel Operación Chamartín and replace it with its own project, Madrid Puerta Norte. The Community of Madrid considers that that decision was “arbitrary” and that it will damage the economy of the city.

The President of the Community of Madrid, Cristina Cifuences, has indicated that the appeal “has been presented on the understanding that the decision will result in a financial loss for all Madrilenians”. And she added that the Government that she leads “wants to protect the interests of Madrilenians against the withdrawal of the project” given that, in her opinion “it has not been agreed by any of the administrations involved” and “cuts the number of (planned) infrastructures and jobs in half”.

Cifuentes explained that, although Adif and the company promoting the project (DCN) have also submitted their own appeals, they are different legal initiatives, motivated by different interests.


Moreover, Cifuentes denied that her appeal is an “attack on the autonomy” of the Town Hall and assured that it will not harm the relationship between Manuela Carmena’s team and the Community of Madrid. “It is not a matter of confrontation between the administrations”, said Cifuentes, who noted that, during the last year, 17 agreements have been signed between the Community of Madrid and the Town Hall of Madrid, which represent “indisputable proof of our good will” in our on-going search to benefit all citizens.

Original story: Expansión (by Esther Martín)

Translation: Carmel Drake