Ceiss Applies Two Million Euro Discount on Asset Volume Transferred to Sareb

Ceiss Bank has reduced the price of the assets transferred to the bad bank by 1.95 million Euros.

The deed of the asset transfer was corrected on December 26th, in order to adapt the perimeter initially estimated by the entity and precisely configurate it to the date of transfer, according to CNMV (the National Stock Exchange Commission).

As a result, the asset volume transferred by Ceiss to Sareb has been established at 3.135,4 million Euros. At the beginning it was valued at 3.137 million Euros. The correction was conducted through partially anticipated redeem, on the Sareb´s part, of the senior notes.

The bank returned to Sareb the difference between the two amounts equal to 1.95 million Euros.


Source: El Economista