CaixaBank Completes Construction of Torre Sevilla Shopping Centre

18 December 2017 – Eje Prime

The complex, which has been designed by the architecture studio Broadway Maylan, comprises two large buildings, which have a combined gross leasable area of 26,700 m2.

CaixaBank is ending the year by finishing its projects. The company has completed construction of the Torre Sevilla shopping centre after investing €20 million, according to a statement issued by the group. The termination of this work, in which 800 professionals have participated, makes way for the final phase of the project, ahead of the imminent handover of the shops to the various retailers.

The company is now starting the work required to prepare the access routes from the street to establish the entry points. The remodelling work has included efforts to adapt the structure, air conditioning architecture and installations, electricity, lighting and mechanics, as well as, the regulation of all of the access points to the centre from the street and the parking lot.

They have also included the creation of new outdoor common areas for the movement of people; the installation of four escalator hubs that connect the different floors; and the placement of open-air walkways to connect the two buildings and to encourage the free movement of people between the retail spaces on both sides.

The complex has been designed by the architecture studio Broadway Maylan and comprises two large buildings, with a gross leasable area of 26,700 m2 and a constructed surface area of 43,000 m2. One of the buildings has three floors and the other has four floors. In total, there is initially space for eighty shops.

Original story: Eje Prime

Translation: Carmel Drake