Who buys properties in Madrid?

The profile of the buyer of properties in the capital is made of couples aged between 25 and 45, which demand apartments of 2 and 4 rooms and in already known areas, as confirmed by the study carried out by the real estate company Via Célere. (…) 70% of them have higher education. The location is one of the main features taken into account when taking a decision to purchase, as well as the affection for the neighborhood, as proved by the fact that 48% are neighbors from the area. The buyers look for developments near to their current location, close to relatives and friends.

As for the motive for the purchase, the substitution of an older home for a new one is the main reason: 58% of the purchases opposite to the 33% that buy their first residence, and very far from the investor, which nowadays, means only 9,5% of the total sales.

The most demanded flats are those with two or four bedrooms, with 30,8% of the sales, followed by homes with three bedrooms with 27,8% and those with one bedroom, which concentrate 11,4% of the sales.

80% of the buyers need financing, and even though in some cases they require up to 100% of the value of the building, most people need between 50-80% of the total price of the home.