• Transaction / Assets
    40 flats
  • Seller
  • Buyer
    Viviendas Municipales de Bilbao
  • € MM

Bilbao’s Municipal Housing Company Buys 40 Flats for Social Housing in Bolueta

23 January 2019 – Cadena Ser

‘Viviendas Municipales de Bilbao’ has purchased 40 flats for social housing from the public company Visesa in one of the buildings that forms part of the urban regeneration project that is being constructed in the Bolueta neighbourhood for €2.7 million.

The operation forms part of the collaboration agreement between the two entities to promote social housing, according to comments made by the Town Hall of Bilbao in a statement.

The building comprises a 28-storey tower, containing 108 homes, and a 9-storey block containing 63 homes. The flats purchased are located in block 9, in doorways 1 and 3.

Eight homes will be used to house people relocated from the urban planning operation and the rest will be awarded to people registered on the housing list in Etxebide who fulfil the housing need requirements, on the basis of the number of members, income, number of years registered in the area and number of years on the register itself.

The homes will be assigned to different pre-established groups: those over 65, young people under 35, victims of gender violence, and those over 35 who have been on the list for more than 10 years, plus a general allocation.

Original story: Cadena Ser

Translation: Carmel Drake