BBVA Puts Up Caixa Terrasa’s Headquarters For Auction Asking €3 Mn

20/10/2014 – Expansion

BBVA has put up for sale the old headquarters of Caixa Terrassa (pictured), situated on the Portal Nou street in the old town of Valles, at a listing price of €2.9 million.

Caixa Terrasa formed a part of Unnim Banco that was absorbed by BBVA.

The five-storey building (three floors above and two below the ground level), empty for more than a decade, has a 5.000 square meter total area.

This information is found in a larger catalogue of properties auctioned by BBVA in Spain, including retail, industrial and office assets. Those who are interested in this ‘Space Seeks Idea’ (‘Espacio busca idea‘) campaign may submit their bids by October 30th.

Other noteworthy assets found in the portfolio on sale represent dozens of retail and industrial properties located in Madrid, Vila-seca (Tarragona), Vigo, Las Palmas (Gran Canaria), Lleida or Manresa (Barcelona).


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