Barcino Completes a €9.7M Capital Increase

6 September 2018 – Eje Prime

Barcino is financing the expansion of its residential portfolio. The Socimi has completed its latest capital increase amounting to more than €9,761,033, through the subscription of 6,731,747 new shares. The operation has been conducted in two tranches, one for 3.9 million shares and the other for 2.8 million shares, according to a statement filed by the company with the Alternative Investment Market (MAB).

The Socimi, which has been listed on the MAB since last December, is in the middle of growing its residential portfolio. In May, it invested €2 million in the purchase of twenty assets in Barcelona, the city that represents the focus for all of its operations. Most of its buildings are rental homes, but it also owns offices and retail premises located all over the Catalan capital’s metropolitan area.

Before the end of 2017, the Socimi spent €1.6 million on a residential building on Calle Girona. The company’s Board of Directors comprises Mateu Turró, in the role of President, and two directors, Francesc Ventura and Ralph Weichelt.

In its debut on the MAB, Barcino was valued at €19.1 million. Specialising in investment and real estate management, the Socimi is controlled 50.01% by Barcino Management and managed by the company linked to the firm Vistalegre Property Management.

Original story: Eje Prime

Translation: Carmel Drake