Barceló’s Profits Soar By 86% In 2014 To Reach €46.4M

23 April 2015 – Expansión

Barceló’s results are improving thanks to the economic recovery. The tourism group closed 2014 with turnover of €2,056.6 million, up 6.2% from a year earlier. Net income increased by 22.1% to €1,329.7million – €888.4 million in Spain – whilst its gross operating profit (EBITDA) amounted to €216.7 million. The group’s profit for the full year after tax shot up by 85.6% to €46.4 million and its net debt decreased by 15.3% to €717.3 million, to yield a ratio of net debt over EBITDA of 3.3x.

By division, Barceló Viajes, which will soon be renamed B The Travel Brand, recorded revenues of €1,200 million in 2014, up 14.2%. The increase came as a result of the decrease in the number of operators in the Spanish market – after the disappearance of Marsans and Orizonia – and the upturn in domestic demand.

At 31 December 2014, Barceló had 653 agencies, several tour operators and the charter airline Evelop.

Latin America

In the hotel segment, the company highlights the rise in the average daily (room) rate and revenue per room, which allowed it to offset the 0.6% decrease in its occupancy rate. In Latin America, Barceló’s properties recorded EBITDA increases of 30% and overall accounted for 74% of the group’s total profits. In addition to the increase in (room) rates, Barceló’s policy to refurbish its hotels has also had an effect. Since 2007, the group has spent more than €1,000 million in this area – €90 million in 2014.

At 1 March 2015, Barceló operated 95 hotels – it owned 55% of these and rented 27% – and 29,375 rooms in 16 countries. 59% of its properties are four-star hotels and 65% are sun and beach locations. Moreover, Barceló owns a 40% stake in Crestline, a company that manages another 74 properties in the USA.

After opening two hotels in 2014, the Group’s routemap includes resuming growth. As such, the chain has started the year by opening a new hotel in Puebla (Mexico) and will incorporate another six properties (into its portfolio) before 2016.

In parallel, at the beginning of 2015, the Group created a Socimi with Hispania. It will transfer 16 hotels and two shopping centres valued at €421 million to this entity to reduce its exposure to real estate, which is currently at its highest level ever. Similarly, in 2014, Barceló sold a number of its hotels in the USA and Dominican Republic.

This year, the goal of the company, which is controlled by the Barceló family and employs 23,681 people, is to generate EBITDA of €251 million and net profit of €99.8 million.

In 2014, Barceló agreed to distribute €10 million in dividends and has proposed an additional payment of €4.3 million in 2015, which is pending shareholder approval.

Original story: Expansión (by Y. Blanco)

Translation: Carmel Drake