Barcelona to Punish Banks Possessing Empty Homes Within Areas of Need

“We cannot bear the situation anymore and banks must understand that” – said Xavier Trias during his inauguration speech at the 31st edition of meeting between the mayor of Barcelona and the press organized by the Association of Journalists in Catalonia, under the slogan of “The mayor responds”.

Trias reminded that Barcelona has been the pioneer to introduce the anti-eviction measures and that he has signed agreements on transfers of empty homes addressed to the social inclusion with banks that understood the situation perfectly.

The mayor assured that Barcelona itself has not got as serious problem with the empty houses as other cities within its city administration area do, and he doubts whether the measures already taken are enough.

“Right now we are working on rolling out the Public Rentable Housing Stock that would be affordable and at good price. We foresee disposing of 1.000 new houses in the next two years. (…).

Source: Expansión