Barcelona & Madrid Among the World´s Most Powerful Cities

09/05/2014 – Expansion

 Neither the New York, nor London and not even Paris. Los Angeles is the most powerful city in the world. Friendly climate, an interesting cultural offer, attractions and improvement in security allowed the Californian city to lead in the Top Guardian Cities ranking that looks closely at perception of the main capitals around the planet Earth.

The report drawn by Saffron advisory firm measures two aspects. Firstly, a city´s strong points which compose of infrastructure, economical prosperity, climate and the overall security in the streets. On the other side, the examination focuses on social networks and mass media, an innovative indicator of noise produced around the city.


The return takes into account the number of Likes a city gathered on Facebook, positive opinions on Twitter and the range it receives through other communication media.

Summary of all these factors is positive for the two large Spanish cities.

Barcelona ranks sixth, mainly due to the tremendously good note given it in the social networks. “Everybody wants to go to Barcelona”, The Guardian explains.

Madrid takes the 12th place thanks to its shops, cultural attractions and weather.

The report also points out that the top cities play important role in tempting talent, business and money. Countries do not compete anymore. Instead, particular cities struggle to be more and more attractive for investors and tourists.

Moreover, the return by Saffron surprises as for example frequently visited Berlin ranks 25th, while cities like Bombay or Mecca take very high positions, 19th and 21st respectively.


Original article: Expansión (by Amparo Polo)

Translation: AURA REE