Barceló Drives Revenues Up & Searches For Hotel in Madrid Center

23/01/2014 – Expansion

Positive balance for Barceló in 2013. The tourist group has significantly raised the revenues (up to 1.600 millon Euros) thanks to its subsidary travel office growth and prospering holiday hotel business in the Caribbean and on the Spanish islands that compensated the weakness of urban establishments. In 2012, Barceló registered 1.547 millons, with the net gains of 3,5 millons.

“Everything seems to signalize better results (in 2014) thanks to the regions mentioned (above)” – assures Raúl González, the CEO of the Barceló Hotels & Resorts for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (Emea). (…).

More Hotels

Barceló closed the year 2013 with five new incorporations in Spain, Italy, Mexico and Greece, comprising 1.475 rooms altogether. The main 2014 target will be Madrid, the Balearic and Canary Islands, Italy, Turkey, Germany, Greece and Central America. (…).

When it comes to its travel business, Barceló advanced in the number of agencies (up to 700) and launched its own charter airline Evelop! (…).

Original article: Expansión (Y. Blanco)

Translation: AURA REE