Bankia will offer more than 2000 properties from Sareb with discounts of more than 32%.

More than 300 of these 2000 properties are located in the region of Madrid, more than 800 in the Valencian region and more than 200 in Andalusia.

This commercial initiative, the first one Bankia is carrying out jointly with the properties within Sareb, will take place in the office of the real estate company Roan, with whom Bankia has signed an agreement. Within this selection of assets there are properties for principal residences as well as on the coastline from 45000 Euros, as well as newly built properties.

The institution will offer, for example, properties in the Carabanchel area in Madrid from 92000 Euros, or in the Vallecas neighborhood from 69000 Euros, with up to 25% discount. In Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) it is possible to find properties from 105.500 Euros, with a discount of up to 25% and in Getafe (Madrid), from 181000 Euros, with 14% discount.

As for the ones located on the coastline, in Oropesa (Castellón) there are properties from 48500 Euros, with a discount of up to 25%. In Moncofar (Castellón), 250 meters away from the beach, there are two and three bedroom properties from 53400 Euros, with a discount of up to 25%.

In some properties there are discount of up to 150.000 Euros on the initial selling price, as in a house at Villaviciosa de Odon (Madrid) for 187.000 Euros. There is also the offer on a house in Punta Umbría (Huelva) for 357000 Euros, a price 100.000 Euros lower than the initial one.

In order to make sales easier, Bankia is also offering financing to buyers through a mortgage for up to 100% of the investment, with a limit of 80% of the valuaton.

Bankia Habitat sold more than 5600 awarded assets in 2012, 23,6% more than the previous year. The bank has perceived 500 million Euros, which is an increase of 18,9%. (…)

Source: Expansión