Bankia sells Finanmadrid and a portfolio of 870 million Euros to Apollo.

Bankia continues with its disinvestments. The bank presided over by José Ignacio Goirigolzarri closed the sale of its consumer credit subsidiary, Finanmadrid, and a portfolio of credits of 870 million Euros to the fund Apollo.

This is the biggest operation ever by an American investor in Spain. This agreement, advised by Arcano and Linklaters, includes the transfer of 124 employees who make up the platform of Finanmadrid. Bankia is also working on the reduction of its staff with the transfer of employees.

The bank is also studying the sale of the platform Bankia Habitat, with 500 employees. The institution valued the the sale of Finanmadrid in 1,6 million Euros, although this amount only includes the transfer of the platform and not the credit portfolio, according to financial sources.

The package of credits would be made of nearly 700 million Euros in up-to-date loans, and another 170 million Euros in default loans. These last ones will be paid with discounts of 95%. Meanwhile, the existing credit is bought with an average discount of 20%. If these figures are maintained, the price of the operation as a whole (platform plus credits) would reach more than 500 million Euros.

This disinvestment is one of the commitments reached by Bankia with Brussels. The operation will generate a positive impact on the group´s capital of 10 million Euros. For Apollo, it will mean the reinforcement of its presence in Spain and the chance to become a competitor within the segment of consumer credits.

Source: Expansión