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Bankia Sells €1,300M Loan Portfolio To Oaktree & Chenavari

6 July 2015 – Idealista.com

As the summer approaches, many financial entities are stepping down on the accelerator to sell their unwanted real estate portfolios as soon as possible. To this end, Bankia has just sold a portfolio known as ‘Project Wind’ to the funds Oaktree and Chenavari, in a mega-transaction worth €1,300 million, which primarily contains doubtful mortgages to individual borrowers.

The transaction actually comprises three different portfolios, which have been shared between the US fund Oaktree and the British fund Chenavari, although according to financial sources, the signing of the sale is still pending:

  1. Portfolio Mast: €918 million of unpaid mortgages from individual borrowers, which has been shared between Oaktree and Chenavari.
  2. Portfolio Board: €178 million of debt backed by real estate collateral, which has been awarded to Oaktree.
  3. Portfolio Find: €216 million of unsecured debt without any real estate collateral. There are lots of lines of credit in this package. It has been awarded to Chenavari.

This transaction follows Bankia’s sale of another portfolio, containing hotel debt, to Bank of America at the beginning of June. That operation, known as ‘Project Castle’, comprised 91 operations, in total, linked to 45 assets. 56% of that portfolio related to doubtful debts.

But Bankia also has another packet of real estate assets up for sale, the so-called ‘Project Big Bang’, which includes a portfolio of residential and commercial assets, as well as land, worth €4,800 million. The bank is very keen to accelerate the sale of that portfolio, which would represent the largest sale of real estate assets since the real estate bubble burst.

CaixaBank is also selling off property

2015 is turning into the year of the large real estate transactions. CaixaBank has put several portfolios up for sale. One of those contains new-builds, known as Project ‘Tourmalet’ and it contains loans secured by 271 completed new residential developments, 160 plots of land and work-in-progress residential developments. The packet is worth close to €1,000 million.

Another package up for sale is the so-called ‘Eurostars’ portfolio containing 1,091 assets, including 807 homes, 253 parking spaces, 26 storerooms and 5 commercial premises. It is worth almost €103 million and the transaction is being managed by the real estate consultancy JLL.

Original story: Idealista.com (by P. Martínez Almeida)

Translation: Carmel Drake