Bankia Reduced Its Doubtful Loans By €2,000M In 2015

11 January 2016 – Expansión

The BFA-Bankia group reduced its doubtful debt balance by more than €2,000 million in 2015 through the sale of several loan portfolios. According to the entity, these operations allowed the bank to improve the quality of its balance sheet, raise liquidity and free up resources to grant new credit.

During the year, the bank completed four major operations involving the sale of loan portfolios with a total value of almost €2,800 million.

In May, BFA-Bankia agreed the sale of a portfolio of doubtful property developer loans amounting to €558 million to the fund Sankaty. Some of those loans were secured by real estate collateral.

A month later, the bank sold a portfolio of loans secured by hotel assets amounting to €383 million. The portfolio contained 91 operations in total, linked to 45 assets, and was sold to Bank of America and the investor Davidson Kemper.

In September, the bank closed the largest of its operations, by selling a portfolio of loans linked to the real estate sector amounting to €1,206 million, of which €986.8 million was secured. The purchasers in this case were the funds Oaktree and Chenavari.

In the last few weeks, BFA-Bankia has transferred a loan portfolio amounting to €645.1 million, all granted to the business sector and partly secured by real estate collateral, to Deutsche Bank.

Sources at Bankia highlight that, in order to maximise the prices obtained, a competitive process has been adopted for all of the portfolio sales between prestigious institutional investors and financial institutions.

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Translation: Carmel Drake