Bankia Granted €16,600M In Loans In 2015, Up By 12.5%

22 January 2016 – Expansión

Last year, Bankia granted €16,600 million in new loans, in particular to companies and SMEs.

Bankia has reported today that the volume of new loans it granted last year increased by 12.5% compared with 2014, to reach €16,600 million in total.

The entity, which will present is annual results on 1 February, did not disclose any information about the evolution of its loan balance, although experts think that it will have decreased, in line with what happened in the third quarter, due to (the trend in) mortgages and the sale of portfolios.

By contrast, they expect that the balance of loans to companies will have closed the year up, after recording several quarterly rises. Specifically, this balance had increased by 5.1% as at September.

Bankia pointed out that almost 84% (€14,000 million) of all the new loans granted were taken out by companies. And, within that segment, the group that experienced the greatest increase (in percentage terms) were self-employed people, to whom new financing increased by almost 73% to reach €216 million.

Meanwhile, the bank granted more than €3,200 million in loans to SMEs, compared with €2,250 million during the same period in 2014, which represents an increase of 43%. Larger companies were granted loans amounting to €10,500 million.

Original story: Expansión (by M. R.)

Translation: Carmel Drake