Bankia Extends Property Campaign Until 31 Dec

1 December 2015 – Cinco Días

Bankia has added 1,300 homes to the discounted portfolio that it has put up for sale, as part of the “I deserve my own home” campaign, which contains 5,800 properties in total, with discounts of up to 40%. The entity has also extended the campaign’s term by one month to 31 December.

That is what Bankia explained in its blog, in which it said that following the strong interest shown in the campaign, launched at the end of September, it has decided to extend the term until the end of the year. The entity has already received more than 500 reservations as a direct result of the campaign.

The type of assets up for sale are all second-hand, but otherwise they are very diverse. They include urban and coastal homes, as well as those in large capital cities, commuter cities and small towns.

The majority of the assets are located in Cataluña (1,500); followed by Valencia (1,400), Castilla-La Mancha (1,000), the Canary Islands (900) and Andalucía (700).

The remaining assets are distributed across the other autonomous regions, according to Bankia, who reminded potential buyers that they may acquire properties through Bankia’s branch network, as well as through, the real estate portfolio of Haya Real Estate, the company responsible for selling the financial entity’s properties.

Moreover, Bankia is offering mortgages to those buyers in need of finance, with competitive terms depending on their relationship with the entity.

Bankia has explained that during the first nine months of the year, it sold 6,100 properties, which represented a 77% increase with respect to the same period last year.

It has generated revenues of €384 million from these sales.

Original story: Cinco Días

Translation: Carmel Drake