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Axa Sells 30 Properties Occupied by Telepizza for 22 Million Euros

Eneas´s real estate branch, Eneas Real Estate, chaired by José Luis Contreras, by 2011 in office of the real estate corporate director of Grupo Santander, has coordinated the sale of 30 establishments occupied by Telepizza, a large number in Madrid, to national investors for 22 million Euros.

The sale has put a lock on Axa´s real estate subsidary, Axa Real Estate. The property has been grouped and transferred to Ataulfo Inversiones. They cover a space of between 180 and 220 square meters. (…).

Eneas Real Estate took part in the sale of Bankia´s premises in Miami. In the middle of the year the company announced buying 100% shares of the Espacio Coruña shopping center from Dutch Multi Development. (…).


Source: Cinco Días