Aviva España will join Sareb with an investment of around six million Euros.

During the presentation of the annual results of the company, Ignacio Izquierdo has explained that the delay in their participation has been due to a thorough analysis of the operation “as our clients wish it to be”. “Until now, there was a great uncertainty in reference to the investment in certain portfolios within Sareb, this is why we have been analyzing it, and once these details have been clarified, we have decided to invest”, the CEO has declared, who thinks this operation “is not specially important, as it is an asset as many others”.

Izquierdo has stressed that the insurance company is a “clear” investor in fixed interest in Spain, as ”it trusts the Spanish debt completely and thinks there is a value in it”. It has also assured that the group does not think this investment could cause a penalty by the rating agencies, “as the company has one of the best within the sector (A-)”.

The company thinks that the foreign investor has returned to Spain “after a long time and a great suffering during the last few years”. According to the executive, the country has done many things to recover the trust from other countries “and there are many signs of this recovery, as we can see in the profit of the Spanish bond and the Treasury bids”.

Source: Expansión