Average Tenant in Spain is Married & Has a Mortgage

3/06/2014 – El Economista

Changing job place or the family growth are the most frequent reasons for the families which already have bought a house for their own to move to another dwelling as a tenant and rent their property to someone else. As Alquiler Seguro assures, the new tenant profile in Spain is married and has got a mortgage to redeem.

The statement has been drawn as a conclusion of a report presented by the firm at last week´s Madrid International Real Estate Exhibition (SIMA 2014).

“Rent is a good option for staid and solvent families in need of greater flexibility”, Alquiler Seguro claims.

Precisely, the typical 2014 tenant is a young man in his 30s, married and with an indefinite term contract. Moreover, as per the research, most of them work in the services sector as office clerks for at least 2.5 year.

Furthermore, one of the most important factor for home choice is its closeness to work place. An average tenant searches for a dwelling for 24 days, on the Internet, spending a little bit more than an hour weekly on finding the right property.

After picking the flat, a tenant needs less than two visits to make a decision, while on average each lessee stays in the rented apartment for almost two years.


Original article: El Economista (after Europa Press)

Tranlsation: AURA REE