Áurea Homes to Invest €500 Million to Build a Total of 2,700 Homes in Spain

8 November 2019 – Áurea Homes stated that it is committing to investments of 500 million euros to develop 30 new projects with a total of 2,700 homes. In each case, the firm will provide 15% of the project’s total need for investment, while looking for investors to contribute the remaining 85% in each case.

Half of Áurea Homes’ developments are in the Community of Madrid, while the rest are in Navarra (approximately 400 homes under construction), Castilla y León, (270 homes), the Basque Country and the province of Seville (200 homes each) and Catalonia (120 homes).

Original Story: Eje Prime – Marc Vidal Ordeig

Adaptation/Translation: Richard D. K. Turner