Asia and Latin America Poach Real Estate Investments in Spain

27/02/2014 – Expansion

As Mikel Marco-Gardoqui from CBRE España claims, the Latin American will keep the good investment pace this year since they believe in the recovery of the Spanish market. “The last 18 months have been marked by increased activity of investors from that part of the world and they have taken clear positions for the reason that they know the market and its cycles. (…) In turn, the Asian have been monitoring the sector during 2013 and they prep for robust ascend”.

Spanish investors also will go out for hunting but on the European territory. In reference to Barómetro by CBRE, 45% out of 250 executives surveyed during the research expect their foreign investments to advance slightly and 34% predict they will be stable.

(…) They are to target at Paris, London, Manchester and Edinburgh and additionally the cities in the USA, such as Miami or Boston. The Latin American, as well as the Asian and the Spaniards will gamble on offices, trade premises and residential stock as they feature low risk and long-term contracts.

Original article: Expansión (Gustavo Arias Retana)

Translation: AURA REE