The approval of homes in Andalusia continues its collapse after a downfall of 38,6% in 2012.

The approval for the construction of new residential buildings in Andalusia has reached 8737 units in 2012, which means a descent of 38,6% in reference to 2011, according to the figures gathered by the Ministry of Infrastructure from the Architects Association.

Based on the different type of buildings, housing blocks are the ones which have fallen the most, from 9972 units in 2011 to 5934 in 2012, with a contraction of 40,9%.

Row houses have dropped by 34,4% down to a total of 2795 approvals in 2012. At the same time, there were 645 approvals for building extensions, opposite to the 718 in 2011, that is, 10,1% less.

The approvals for refurbishment and restoration have experienced a greater downfall, dropping from 4257 to 3125, which is equal to a descent of 26,5%.

On the other side, public works tendered by the Andalusian administrations during the first month of 2013 reached 58 million Euros. This figure is 19,3% lower than the one reached in 2012, according to the figures of association of great construction companies, Seopan.

This region takes up 15,9% of the total in Spain, which reached 362,6 million Euros.

Source: Expansión