Another RE Chain Is Born: Visasur Creates Azzahar Hoteles

27 February 2017 – Preferente

Azzahar Hoteles is the new chain from the Visasur Group, created in collaboration with Némesis Capital & Investment. It owns two hotels in Sevilla and Valencia, according to an announcement made by the Andalucían company. The hotel chain emerged in January when Visasur Inmobiliaria and Némesis Capital became the main investors in the consultancy firm CR Business by acquiring a 70% stake in the share capital, split 40% and 30%, respectively.

Following the acquisition, the consultancy firm was renamed Azzahar Hoteles, a brand that “is committed to urban and business tourism”, explained the CEO of the Sevillan group, Nicolás Álvarez. “The new hotel brand is planning an ambitious growth process, with forecasts that it will be managing seven new properties by 2021, containing more than 500 rooms”, according to sources at the company.

Nevertheless, for the time being, the chain has just two hotel properties: one in Sevilla, Hotel Doña Manuela, and the other in Valencia, Hotel Táctica de Paterna, according to several sources.

The Visasur Group is a family business that focuses on the development of real estate projects, whilst Némesis Capital & Investment is a strategic and financial consultancy firm. After acquiring 70% of CR Business, both companies have created the new Andalucían hotel brand Azzahar Hoteles.

Original story: Preferente

Translation: Carmel Drake