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Anima Investment Fund Buys 0.8% of FCC

On December 20th Ether Koplowitz, together with B-1998 and Azate, sold 3.8% of FCC to two institutional investors for about 15 € per share (total of around 72 million Euros). Although officially the names of the buyers remain unknown, the magnate George Soros acquired the 3%. According to the financial sources, the 0.8% was bought by a European fund, Anima, entity managing 44.000 million Euros in cooperation with more than a million of clients.

Thanks to the sale of 3.8%, Esther Kolpowitz could refinance personal debt of 900 millions by 2018.

On the other hand, FCC and its banks agreed to extend the expiration date of its debt by February 28th, by which date the agreement on restructuring 5.000 million Euros of its liabilities shall be made. The company counts on “the good will” of 95% of its 37 creditors under the terms of the refinancing proposal for the debt amount, with the liabilities total bulk equal to 6.577 million Euros noted down at the end of September.

Source: Expansión