Andalusia leads the purchases in Spain.

Andalusia is the Spanish region with the highest number of purchase operations of properties in the sixth month of 2013, according to the figures published by the National Institute of Statistics (NIS). In June, the region has reached 4412 operation, followed by the Valencian Community (3811), Catalonia (3545) and Madrid (2907). The regions with the lowest number of operations in May were La Rioja (188) and Navarra (290).

The regions with the highest increase in operations were the Canary Islands (+ 24,9%) and Navarra (+21,3%), while the biggest descents correspond to Extremadura (-47,9%) and Asturias (-30,5%).

As for the national scenario, the purchase of properties deepened its fall in June after descending 5,5% in reference to the same month in 2012, down to a total of 23966 operations, according to the information provided by the INS. The purchase of properties accumulates therefore two consecutive months of descent, after returning in May to negative figures, when it moved back 3,7%. The descent in May took place after an increase of nearly 11% in April, after a very negative month of March, where these operations decreased more than 12%. (…)

The annual descent in the purchase of properties is due to the set-back in the purchase of new properties, as the transactions of second hand homes increased in 1,8%, reaching 13.665 operations. Meanwhile, the purchase of new homes dropped 13,7% down to 10.301 operations.

Most of the properties transferred during the sixth month of the year (89,5%) were free ones. The purchase of this type of properties decreased 3,3% down to 21443 operations, while the operations on subsidized properties reached 2523, with a descent of 20,7% in reference to June 2012.

Taking into account urban and rural properties, 137062 ones were transferred in June, with an increase of 4,6% over June 2012. (…)