Andalucían Gov’t Will Invest €21M In 1,226 Homes In Cádiz

26 April 2017 – Inmodiario

The Junta de Andalucía has committed to investing €21.1 million in the city of Cádiz to build 1,226 social housing properties. Some of the construction work is already underway in the two Urban Regeneration and Renovation Areas (ARRU) that have been declared in Cádiz, in the historical city centre and the La Paz neighbourhood. €6.6 million is being invested there in the refurbishment of properties and buildings containing 1,057 homes.

In the presence of the mayor of Cáidz, José María González, the Councillor for Housing and Development, Felipe López, reiterated the commitment announced at the end of last year by the Ministry of Development, to continue allocating resources to housing in the city of Cádiz. Other projects are also now being resumed there, such as the second phase of Matadero and the seventh phase of Cerro del Moro. Those two initiatives will allow for the development of 169 new homes, with an estimated investment of around €14.5 million.

During the meeting, Felipe López highlighted that the decision, taken by the Ministry to resume the development of social housing in Cádiz capital, has been made possible thanks to the reactivation of residential land sales in the province. Specifically, between December 2016 and March 2017, the Agency for Housing and Refurbishments in Andalucía (AVRA) awarded two plots for private housing in Costa Ballena (Chipiona).

At the end of last year, the Ministry of Housing and Development announced the boost for projects in high demand in the city, as well as the second phase of Matadero, which is going to be executed in two phases. During the first phase, 60 rental homes will be constructed; the detailed plans for that project have already been submitted to the Town Hall for approval.

Once the first phase has been completed, the remaining 42 homes will be built, also under a lease framework. Matadero’s second phase will have an estimated cost of €5.7 million and construction work is expected to begin during the first quarter 2018.

Moreover, AVRA has resumed work to accelerate the execution of the seventh phase of the comprehensive refurbishment of Cerro del Moro. Currently, the Ministry is accelerating the signing of deeds in order to take ownership of the 47 properties that will have to be demolished to free up the land on which the 67 new homes that form part of the seventh phase of this development will be constructed.

The Junta proposes carrying out the demolition of the three buildings during the first quarter 2018, and continuing with the construction work thereafter. The estimated investment for the seventh phase, including the costs of acquiring the homes, demolishing them and building the new properties, is €8.8 million. The two initiatives, Matadero Sur and the seventh phase of Cerro del Moro, should take a year and a half to complete. (…).

Original story: Inmodiario

Translation: Carmel Drake