Amenabar Grows by 15% After Handing Over 815 Homes in 2018

22 February 2019 – Expansión

The property developer Amenabar ended 2018 by fulfilling its ambitious strategic plan, which led it to sign the deeds for 815 homes over the last 12 months. “It has been a very positive year in every aspect; we have fulfilled the objectives of our strategic plan in terms of revenues, thanks to a very intense rate of (home) deliveries, with 11 new developments and the commercial launch of another 21 new projects”, explain sources at the company.

Those figures allowed Amenabar to increase its revenues by 15% over the last year, to €345 million, numbers that the real estate company expects to increase again thanks to the 5,699 homes that it currently has under construction (…).

“We have started 2019 with the goal of marketing 2,403 new homes during the first half of the year and we are working on the residential development of more than 5,507 homes in our portfolio”.

Besides launching new projects, Amenabar is going to continue increasing its delivery rate. “This year, we will hand over 1,245 homes, followed by more than 1,500 in 2020 and more than 1,600 in 2021”. In parallel, it is going to continue buying up land using the profits it earns (…).

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Translation: Carmel Drake