• Transaction / Assets
    4 residential properties
  • Seller
  • Buyer
    Almagro Capital
  • € MM

Almagro Capital Buys Four Residential Properties in Madrid

18 June 2020 – Brainsre.news

The residential Socimi has acquired four new assets in Madrid, where it already owns 60 properties, through the ‘reverse housing’ formula.

The Socimi Almagro Capital, which specialises in residential buildings for the elderly, has acquired four new properties in the city of Madrid, taking its portfolio of assets to more than 60.

The assets acquired are located in the neighbourhoods of Goya, Marroquina, Pinar del Rey and Aluche, as reported by the company this morning. In total, the new properties add more than 345 square metres of surface area to the Socimi’s portfolio. Almagro paid 810,000 euros in total for the assets, which it financed using its own resources.

Original Story: Brainsre.news

Translation/Summary: Carmel Drake