Aliseda Inmobiliaria to Make Its TV Debut with Its First Branding Campaign

26 May 2015 – Inmodiario

After its presentation to the sector (media, stakeholders, employees, etc.) and presence at SIMA, Aliseda Inmobiliaria is premiering with its first branding campaign on TV. The company is presenting itself to the public with the “Stop Dreaming and Start Believing” commercial.

For this special occasion, Aliseda wanted to surprise viewers with an emotional video in which customers will be able to identify with main characters and real situations of families, entrepreneurs and investors who rely on the company to make their dreams come true. They all set on a new road alongside Aliseda – a good start.

The launch of this branding campaign reflects one of the objectives of Aliseda Inmobiliaria’s 2015 Marketing Plan, which, among other things, aims to strengthen its brand awareness as well as positioning in the market and  in the perception of the general public. “We know there are many couples, families, entrepreneurs, and companies that are thinking about buying their first home, expanding their home, starting a new business, or just making it grow. And although they know it’s a good time, they do not dare take the plunge. We want to help them make a decision, relying on a company that can help them find the property they’re looking for. That can help them stop dreaming and start believing that now is the time. Now it is truly possible,” says Laly Sanchez, Marketing Director at Aliseda Real Estate.

The branding campaign was launched yesterday on Monday, May 25 and will be featured on programs and during prime time on the country’s major TV channels: Antena 3, Cuatro, Telecinco, La Sexta and FDF, at different times, in order to reach the greatest number of customers possible.

Original story: Inmodiario

Translation: James Leahu