Alfa Inmobiliaria’s Branch Network Grew By 4% In 2014

20 January 2015 – El Mundo

Alfa opens 12 new estate agencies in Spain and seven overseas.

Madrid and Valencia are the regions with the highest demand for new real estate agencies.

Alfa Inmobiliaria has announced that its estate agent network grew by 4% in terms of office numbers in 2014. The chain has 184 agencies, of which 108 are located in Spain and 66 overseas.

The new offices are mainly located in Madrid and Valencia, the areas in which demand for housing has increased over the past year. Jesús Duque, Vice President of the Company, says that “the sector has began its recovery. 2014 was the first year of net growth in terms of office numbers since 2009”.

Currently, Alfa Inmobiliaria employs 265 workers in Spain across its office network. Alfa Inmobiliaria provides real estate “packs” to self-employed people looking to start a business; the packs include 35,000 homes, both for sale and for rent, a methodology for working, the support of the brand and the ability to agree joint operations to facilitate work.

In this way, the company facilitates the entry into the business of any entrepreneur willing to risk the minimum capital, supplying him/her with all of the knowledge and tools necessary. And, when the time comes, Alfa supports his/her transfer to an office. The franchisee him/herself determines the speed of each step, which may vary depending on previous experience and the business skills acquired, but he/she will always be supported by the team at Alfa Inmobiliaria.

Original story: El Mundo

Translation: Carmel Drake