Alfa Inmobiliaria Thinks it Still Possible to Buy With 25% Discount

20/01/2014 – El Mundo

“Abundant, unmarketable stock, shortage in financing, unemplyment, work market troubles and disappearance of the fiscal aids. All these force the owners to accept 20-30% discounts”. This is the summary of the report drawn up by Alfa Inmobiliaria at the end of 2013.

In such circumstances, the company recommends the owners to “take advantage of the upcoming sales opportunities, let them pull the prices on the market by additional 20-30%. Obviously, it does not mean that all the dwellings are overvaluated by 30%”. (…) “It is better to sell now than later, especially when taking into account the research results indicating that the price will be falling until 2017.”

In 2007, an owner needed only 15 days to transfer a flat. Presently, mean period for it oscilates around 465 days. One must realize while observing the nowadays market realm whether there came time for buying or… selling.”

At the end, Alfa suggests “letting an expert real estate company advise us“. (…).

Original article: El Mundo 

Translation: AURA REE