Acciona Hires Walter de Luna, Ex-CEO of Sareb

30/09/2014 – Vozpopuli

Walter de Luna, former general director of Sareb, has been just warmly welcomed as the best signing for Acciona Inmobiliaria. The group controlled by the Entrecanales family hires Mr. De Luna only eight months after the director quit from the bad bank due to dissent between him and the chairwoman, Belen Romana.

After leaving Sareb, Walter de Luna opened a consulting office named Iberian Real Estate Opportunities and he started working in there just before the summer, joined by several collegues from his old team in the bad bank who had also decided to quit. For example, Luis Moreno, who used to lead the financial assets department for Sareb.

The bad bank substituted Mr. De Luna with Jaime Echegoyen, ex-CEO of Bankinter.

Although the property managing firm is not one of the core businesses of Acciona, the company positions itself among the sector’s leaders in residential and management (mostly offices and shopping parks) fields.

However, the division contributed to the total turnover of Acciona with €66 million in 2013 (1%), while its Ebidta showed €3 million (0.25% of the group’s total).


Original article: Vozpopuli

Translation: AURA REE