Acciona Buys More Land on which to Build 4,500 Homes

27 February 2018 – Europa Press

Acciona has accelerated its property development and house sales businesses by investing in the purchase of developable land, in such a way that it now owns a portfolio of land on which to build around 4,500 homes, which it plans to continue increasing.

The group chaired by José Manuel Entrecanales (pictured above) forecasts that the resumed real estate activity will start to contribute to the income statement next year.

Two years ago, Acciona took the decision to recover its real estate division with the aim of generating value from the assets that it still held in the sector in light of the reactivation that the business was starting to show in Spain following the crisis.

Thus, in terms of its real estate assets, the company merged its rental homes into Testa Residencial, the Socimi in which Santander, BBVA, Merlin Properties and now the group itself hold stakes, and which is planning to make its debut on the stock market next quarter. Moreover, it is proceeding with the sale of the rest of its assets (hotels and offices) on an individual basis.

In terms of its property development activity, Acciona resolved to return to building on the land portfolio that it had, whereby taking advantage of the recovery in the sector.

Nevertheless, the company has given a boost to that initial business plan and has dived into the purchase of new land. Specifically, over the last year, the firm has purchased plots worth €82 million with capacity for the development of around 1,400 homes.

In this way, Acciona currently has a land bank for the construction of 4,500 apartments, more than triple the amount that it had a year ago.

Nevertheless, the group has expressed its interest in continuing to invest in land both in Spain as well as in the other two markets where it has a presence in the real estate sector: Mexico and Poland, according to the company’s Director of Corporate Development, Juan Muro Lara.

The group calculates that it will allocate around 20% of its average annual investment, which amounts to between €900 million and €1 billion to the development of this revived business, including both the purchase of land and the construction of homes.

Original story: Europa Press

Translation: Carmel Drake