Access to Housing Deteriorates: Monthly Mortgage Payments Increase by 1.7%

24 February 2020 –

According to the College of Registrar’s Real Estate Statistical Register for the fourth quarter of 2019, between October and December, mortgage borrowing per home continued to grow with a quarterly increase of 1.5%, to reach an average amount of €130,310. Four autonomous communities continued to see lending above the average: the Baleares (€200,511), Comunidad de Madrid (€194,479), País Vasco (€150,956) and Cataluña (€150,256).

With all these figures, the average monthly mortgage payment in the fourth quarter amounted to €604.10 and, as a percentage, that payment represented 31% of wages. The deterioration in terms of the accessibility indicators was due to an increase in mortgage borrowing (1.5%) and a fall in the wait times for new mortgage loans (2.1%). These factors were not offset by the favourable interest rates for mortgages (a fall of 0.13pp) or the increase in salaries (0.4%).

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Translation/Summary: Carmel Drake