340% Employment Upsurge In Real Estate Sector

1 September 2015 – Expansión

Spain continues to lead in the increase of jobs in Europe. According to the tenth edition of the European Job Index, made by Robert Walters, during the second quarter of 2015 the amount of job offers has increased by 21% YoY, 9% more than in the previous quarter, while the average increase in the Old Continent has been 11% (Ireland 19%, UK 18%, Luxembourg 16%, Belgium 11%, Netherlands 10%, France 7%, Germany 4% and Switzerland -4%).

By sector, the real estate is the one taking the prize, with an increase of 340% in demand for profiles, followed by Banking and Financial services, with 140%, Compliance, 107%, and Property and Building, 40%, thanks to the improved investor confidence and the progressive recovery of the banking sector.

Since the beginning of 2015, the residential and tertiary market has shown signs of improvement, as well as real estate market due to the commercialization of large park homes, shops and offices. Policy changes in regulated markets, especially in Banking and Financial services, and in Energy, have made it necessary to hire leading specialists and Compliance managers to provide counseling for new projects.


These were not the only fields in which the demand for professionals has increased. According to the study of Robert Walters, the health sector has grown by 65% YoY during the second quarter of this year. And the most sought profiles are International area manager, Regulatory affairs specialist and Medical advisor, which are in demand mainly by pharmaceutical companies.

Multinational companies and SMEs supported by venture capital firms (or private equity firms) of the automobile, logistics and energy efficiency sectors have demanded Business development managers and Chief operating officers, with an experience of between five and eight years and knowledge of several languages, which has led to a 40% vacancy increase in Logistics and Supply Chain.

New technologies could only continue its ascending rate. As proves the report, assuring that this sector has experienced a 29% increase in job offers thanks to the need for companies to invest in digital platforms and internal processes of digitization. Thus, mainly middle managers, specializing in a certain technology (SAP HANA, APO, MM, CRM) with a high level of English, have been in demand.

The aim of the companies to increase their presence and improve their profits has contributed to a greater demand for qualified professionals to fill in marketing positions (26%).

Job offers for Accounting & Finance have grown by 20% in the second quarter. The boost has been mostly due to professional services firms and technology companies that have sought to strengthen their finance departments through increased activity.

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Translation: Lee La