2015 Budget on Public Housing Cut by 26%

2/10/2014 – El Confidencial

The 2015 budgetary appropriation for housing has been established at €587.1 million, by 26% less than a year before. Furthermore, 94.7% of the amount corresponds to development, administration and access and refurbishment assistance programmes.

For the basic emancipacion allowance for young people, lifted in January 2012 but still paid-out to the young who were admitted right to it, the Government intended €14 million – only half of what it had granted for the year 2014.

On basis of covenants, Spanish regions and local administrations are going to receive €17.21 million in 2015.

These measures are completed with tax deductions, more favorable for landlords and tenants, and foreseeing tax relieves for construction of homes destined for rent.

In fact, the Government puts an enormous pressure on the rental by granting assistance for the aforementioned construction, development and projects on mobilizing empty homes, as well as co-financing public housing for rent.

The 2015 Budget Plan also assumes facing specific problems by giving subventions for neighborhood remodelation pledged by local administrations.

Moreover, other lines that have been included in the Scheme range from supporting research and development in architecture and housing to architectural actions at heritage refurbishment and maintenance works.

When it comes to urban planning and land, in 2015 new projects and activities related to recent approval of the Urban Rehabilitation, Regeneration and Renovation Law and the Rental Market Flexibilization and Development Measures Law will be supported technically and by means of aids.


Original article: El Confidencial (after Efe)

Translation: AURA REE