2.405 out of six million mortgages ended up in evictions.

The Bank of Spain published yesterday a new statistics on evictions that specifies the data that was managed until now. As denounced by the Minister of Economy, the existing figures – from the General Council of Judicial Power, for instance – included all evictions without distinguishing if they were on storage rooms, garages, premises, second homes….For this reason they were mentioning 77.000 evictions from January to September 2012. According to the survey carried out by the Bank of Spain, there were 14165 evictions on principal residences. In 2405 cases, the judicial authorities had to evict the family from their homes.

The statistics continue showing a dramatic fact: around 15000 families had to leave their homes in 2012 as they could not pay the mortgage.

Fortunately the percentage of foreclosures on a total of 6,1 million of existing mortgages is very small, lower than 1%. But in total they can be more than 50.000 people per year – including old people and children – who are evicted from their homes. Their only option is to move in with relatives or rent a very cheap flat or turn to the public shelters.

(…) The total number of homes returned to banks due to non payment in 2012 was of 39187. 32490 out of these were on principal residences. These numbers are 0,58% and 0,53% on the total number of mortgages, respectively. That means that more than 99% of the loans are being paid or renegotiated so that their cost can be assumed by the owners. There were 6.140.645 mortgages in Spain on the 31st December 2012.

(…) Out of the 32490 returns to banks of homes, 18325 were voluntary, and as there was a prior agreement between the bank and the debtor and it was not necessary to carry out an eviction.

(…) Out of these 18325 voluntary returns, 14110 were assignment in payment.

(…) The Bank of Spain also highlights an important fact: 85% of the mortgages that caused a return of the home to banks had been signed in 2007 or earlier. That is, before the long crisis we are now suffering even started. (…)

This statistic will be prepared by the Bank of Spain every six months. (…)