1 Million m2 Of Logistics Space Was Leased In 2015

3 February 2016 – Mis Naves

This increase was driven primarily by Barcelona, according to the consultancy firms CBRE and Aguirre Newman based on their respective Market Reports.

Around 1 million m2 of logistics space was leased in Spain in 2015, showing further evidence of the improvement in the sector thanks to the recovery in consumption, according to data published by CBRE.

The report from the consultancy firm confirms that 378,000m2 of space was contracted in Madrid, in line with the figures seen in 2014, but that expectations for future growth are high, thanks to several projects that are underway and due to be completed this year, including those in Cabanillas del Campo and Getafe.

In Barcelona, according to the Logistics Market Monitor report published by Aguirre Newman, 549,894m2 of space was leased in 2015, which represents an increase of 76% compared with the previous year and a historical maximum. During the fourth quarter of the year, 51,959 m2 of space was leased in eight operations in Barcelona, and the largest six deals accounted for 75% of the total surface area leased.

Moreover, 40,000m2 of space was leased in the cities of Zaragoza and Valencia, respectively, according to CBRE’s report. Those two markets, together with Madrid, Barcelona and Andalucía accounted for the vast majority of logistics transactions in Spain last year.

According to Alberto Larrazábal, Director of Logistics and Industry at CBRE Spain, “the increase in ecommerce will be a key factor boosting the sector in 2016. The lack of large platforms, those measuring more than 25,000 m2, will drive new projects, whereby consolidating the growth of the sector in 2016”.

Original story: Mis Naves

Translation: Carmel Drake