Revive Natureza Sponsors Marketing Roadshow

12 September 2020 – Turismo Fundos, together with regional Portuguese tourism boards and twelve municipalities, announced that they would sponsor a roadshow to present Revive Natureza and the sixteen properties that will fall under the program.

The Revive Nature Fund, which was created in October 2019, aims to convert degraded public assets into commercially viable properties that would attract tourists, while also focusing on conservation measures and providing benefits to local communities.

The roadshow began this month in Castelo Branco, and will visit Vila Nova de Cerveira, Viana do Castelo (15/9), Aveiro (16/9), Figueira da Foz and Marinha Grande 9(/17), and Faro (22/9) and Alcácer do Sal 23/9).

Original Story: Publituris

Translation/Summary: Richard D. Turner