Real Estate Funds Increase AUMs by 2.2% in Year to July

12 September 2020 – According to a report by APFIPP, Portugal’s real estate investment fund industry increased its assets under management by 2.2% since the beginning of this year, reaching a total of €9.236 in June, compared with €9.037 billion on December 31, 2019.

At the same time, the five largest players in the market held their rankings. CA Património Crescente (Square AM) solidified its leading position by growing its AUMs by 5.9%, reaching €800 million. Fundimo (Caixa AM), Imofomento (BPI AM), Vip (Silvip) and NovImovest (Santander AM) round out the top five, with €2.4 billion under management and approximately 25% of the market.

Original Story: FundsPeople

Photo: Unsplash

Translation/Summary: Richard D. Turner