NPLs Down 2.9% in 1Q20 in Portugal

10 August 2020 – Portuguese banks’ stock of non-performing loans fell by 492 million euros (-2.9% q-o-q), a slowdown compared to the same period of 2019, according to a quarterly report published by the Bank of Portugal.

In the first quarter of 2020, the NPL CET1ratio stood at 6.0% (-0.2 percentage points compared to December 2019), and the NPL net impairment ratio reached 2.9% (-0.1%).

The liquidity coverage ratio reached 225.9%, up by 7.4% q-o-q, with an increase in highly-liquid assets (1.5%) and a decrease in net liquidity outflows (-1.9%). The total equity ratio and the Tier 1 ratio (CET 1) both fell by 0.2%, to 16.7% and 14.1%, respectively.

Original Story: Economia Online

Translation/Summary: Richard D. Turner