New €22-Million Private Condominium Planned for Vilamoura

8 January 2021

Construction on the private condominium Dom Pedro Residences has yet to begin.  Nevertheless, 30% of the units located on the seafront next to the walkway that connects Vilamoura to Quarteira, in the Algarve, have already been sold.

With a total investment of 22 million euros, construction will begin on plot 6, which comprise 83 2-to-4-bedroom tourist flats with areas between 101m2 and 231m2. The condo will also include a lounge, gym, wellness centre, restaurant & bar and shops.

According to Reinaldo Teixeira, Garvetur’s director, head of the company responsible for marketing the development, there are no other projects with similar seafront view in Vilamoura’s new expansion. At the same time, the Dom Pedro Residences’ architectural features offer an enormous potential boost for highly-profitable use in tourism-based activities.

Original Story:  Diário Imobiliário

Translation: Richard Turner